#NYC – Union Square

Stay chill under the sun, I really liked Union Square.

2016-08-14 05.50.33 1

2016-09-24 01.33.26 1

Stayed in an Airbnb in East Village for my solo travel week, and I kept coming back to Union Square. In fact, I really enjoyed the vibes of this place from day to dawn. It’s a pleasure to alight at Union Square, and either walk towards the apartment everyday through different sections and routes (which I usually discover something new/cool), or I might even take a bus around the streets.

2016-09-24 01.33.52 1

2016-09-24 01.34.17 1

2016-09-24 01.34.30 1

On a side note, I think I spent way too much time at Barnes and Nobles, or at Sephora. (Even in the supermarket, snatching up some snacks and teas) Keeping things short, this area has everything you need nearby.