Film Project #2 / Kodak FunSaver

Cheers to another Sunday!

Weather in Seoul today is late Spring: chilly and drizzling. Yesterday was a pleasure as the sun was out and shining. Tropical me still misses the heat, especially when I’ve stayed through the whole Winter, and the blues were getting to me.

My second film project started off with a walk around my old neighborhood one day, where I coincidentally skipped school and thought I would stay in. The snow got me out of the house with my disposable film in hand, and here I am, able to share nature’s beauty.











Next, I was on a day trip to Busan on the first weekend of the year with Liyana!



And time passed so fast, it was already my Graduation Ceremony in February.



Dad is looking adorable.


And my Brother who stole my certificate.




I’m not sure what content I can come up with next, but I’m trying to brainstorm for more projects I can commit to. Not going to lie, I’ve been struggling in my daily grind without anything creative.

We shall see.
Life will work out.
Just keep going.

하면 된다.


Film Project #1 / Fujifilm Quicksnap

Happy Sunday!

I set myself up for two creative projects last Fall/Winter, so I went ahead to get two disposable cameras. I think film allows you to capture the moment much better than a digital, because you know there’s ‘no going back.’ I also felt like I’ve lived my moments in all these pictures.

This is definitely one of my favorite ↑


A backstory was one of my friend, Anh wanted to fly a kite for the first time and it was more challenging than expected. Everyone around us were flying kites successfully as the winds casted them away into the clouds, while we struggle with taking flight.

p/s. We still made it in the end!


I also made it to Fashion Week S/S 2018. Not the best idea to have a disposable film camera, since nothing could be captured. But the fashion buzz were a pleasure.


The only successful shot to my Chuseok adventures at Alice: Into the Rabbit Hole.


Trying my first shot on my birthday, exploring Seoul 7017.


Snippets of my college life.


Taking Literature courses in my last semester was an eye-opener. Never have I felt more motivated to get to class everyday at 9am.



Fall was a blast.



Just another visit to my hideout.


Streets near my last apartment.


I’ve been feeling empty lately. How are you feeling?

DMZ Train: Baengmagoji (백마고지)

I warmly welcome Summer vacation! (Pun could be intended…) Finally have some time to do things I want to do outside of academics, in which I began my summer adventures with a visit to one of the train terminals closest to the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

dmz train Baengmagoji (백마고지)

Gangwon Province, Cheorwon-gun, Baengmagoji, South Korea
강원도 철원군 백마고지
June 23, 2016

Korail provides 2 different routes via the DMZ Train.
1. Gyeongeui Line towards Dorasan (도라산)
2. Gyeongwon Line towards Baengmagoji (백마고지)

Note: Route 1 towards Dorasan (도라산) is actually the more popular option. You can read more about it here, and here.

Went there in a wimp, and realized we actually had to purchase tour tickets (security or city tour) aside from train tickets. Luckily, you can actually purchase on-site tour tickets, but it is also best to pre-book beforehand. The cost for tour and train tickets at Youth (13~25) prices were 20,000KRW and 16,000KRW respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.34.36 AM.png
Obtained from Korail

On this trip, we chose the Cheorwon National Security Tour. A tour bus take us around the area, where a guide would be providing explanations solely in Korean.

dmz train Baengmagoji (백마고지)

dmz train Baengmagoji (백마고지)

dmz train Baengmagoji (백마고지)

The picture above is the House of Labor Party Ruins, which is last of the few buildings North Koreans used to promote, control, and negotiate in the past.

Certain areas are prohibited in taking pictures or videos, which explains my lack of content. But I personally find the Geumgangsan Bridge the most interesting. It was once a transportation route between borders. The tour allows us to walk on the bridge, which reaches another end of the bridge, blocked merely by military wires.

Till next time.