#NYC – Spring St. / Washington Square Park / 9-11 Memorial / Grand Central Terminal

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Do you feel like there’s somewhere out of your home that would suit you better? Do you feel like there’s a place somewhere you would love to settle down, because you feel like you will be at your best? Of course I wouldn’t say you should let your environment affect/restrict you, but I feel like every place you go to have different vibes, which could open you up, challenge you, requires changes, etc.

Where is a place that you feel strangely connected to? \ (•◡•) /

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Spring St.

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Night scene at the Washington Square Park, filled with students, laughters, and smiles on a Sunday night.

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9/11 Memorial

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Another Gossip Girl moment ≧◡≦ at the Grand Central Terminal ↓

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There’s a certain feeling to every city. And I like how this city makes me feel.


#NYC – the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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Took an elective class in Positive Psychology this semester, and we took a VIA Characters Strength test. The results generate the rankings within 24 different strengths, in which we identify ourselves with the top 5 strengths – something you do naturally, something you’re good at, something you do that energizes you even etc.

Coming in 4th place was Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, and no wonder taking pictures, eating good food, visiting museums, and even a good cup of cafe latte would cheer me up. Something done so naturally, yet to be recognized in my everyday life. I do encourage everyone to take the VIA Characters Test and find out your top 5 strengths. It honestly helps with introspection, and improving oneself.

This post will be filled with my day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art aka The MET. The museum is huge, and filled with fascinating art exhibits. I personally really enjoyed it, and if you have Appreciation as your top 5 strengths, I’m sure you would too.

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Definitely an xoxo, Gossip Girl moment.

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Pretty sure this was a seasonal exhibit from last summer.

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The museum was coming to a close at around 5pm, and there was a street dance performance right outside, catching everyone’s curious attention. Definitely a great way to get your audience!

#NYC – From Chelsea Market, The High Line, to the Rockefeller Center

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Nothing more cliché than waiting for the sunset from the Rockefeller Center/Top of the Rock. First time in NYC, definitely needed a visit to some tourist spots! We actually made a reservation the day before, on what timeslot we were planning to visit the following day, so do take note on that!

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Had an early dinner settled at the Chelsea Market beforehand, right across from Google, for a lobster meal paired with baked goods. Finished it off with a little picnic moment at The High Line, enjoying Mexican food and pizza, while watching the locals enjoy their yoga.

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And I wondered, how could people leave such a beautiful city?

#NYC – The UN

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I grasped this opportunity provided by my university on a wimp. Not just to visit New York, but also to attend a week of lectures provided by various UN staff members sharing their part in contribution. I saw it as a wonderful chance to learn, to explore, and open my perspectives. In fact, the more I understood, the more I wanted to contribute, the more I wanted to be a part of what they were doing for the world.

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And so it began.

A journey I’ve been seeking.

#NYC – Central Park + Midtown

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I have honestly dragged this set of blog posts because I have so much feelings that I don’t know how to express. Last Summer, besides a family vacation to Osaka, I personally embarked on a trip to New York City. Definitely a bucket list I never thought I could tick off so soon.

Amazing sights, lovely sounds, wonderful atmosphere, and so many unique things strangely familiar due to the media, yet overwhelming at times to take in. It also left me with an unusual feeling of ‘homesick’ from this neverending city. Although it may just seem like a dream come true, but it was more than just that. I learnt a lot about myself, my hopes and dreams, opened my perspectives, which made me view life through a whole new lens. I’m still the same person, but I know I have been renewed.

2016 has been a travelling year, full of plane rides (and miles to accumulate HAHA). I am really thankful. As I began 2017, I also wondered if I could do this more often. I love exploring, and taking pictures of sights I’ve never seen. Scenic places and unique people are my favorite things. Of all triggers of vulnerability, travelling is definitely my favorite form.

Shall we start from Central Park?

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It actually started drizzling, but the rain doesn’t stop us!!

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We later head off to midtown area, towards Times Square before the jetlag starts kicking.

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Never missed out on the LOVE sign, right?

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2016-09-03 10.41.15 1

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I’ll see you on the next one.

Day 5: Pokemon Center Osaka (ポケモンセンタ)

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I did not realise I had never uploaded my last day in Osaka, until today. Despite a super late post, I thought I will continue putting it up since it will be part of memories, and I want to remember it whole.

Pokemon Center Osaka (ポケモンセンタ)
Tsuruhashi Station (鶴橋駅) » JR Osaka Station (大阪駅)
Day 5
June 29, 2016

By the last day, my family were exhausted. So, we proceeded with a chill schedule of roaming around JR Osaka Station, trying to get some souvenirs, and seep in the thought that its our last day.

2016-07-28 03.20.23 2

Also got to hear that the Pokemon Center in Tokyo is apparently much bigger? Guess we know where we’re heading next time hahahahaha

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2016-07-28 03.20.25 2

Looking at all these merchandise does bring back so much childhood memories.

2016-07-28 03.20.26 1

Last but not least,
Lo and behold,
The legendary Pablo’s Cheese Tarts!!

How do you see yourself?

What is the picture in your head, when someone asks you to define yourself using your imaginations?

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I define myself as a tree. A huge tree. With a thick trunk, tons of branches, and situated in the midst of four seasons.

The branches includes the connections in my life: My family, my friends, random strangers, and people that passed through my life. It also includes the lessons we had learnt, the experiences, the happiness, and the struggles. Sometimes, there are flowers, and there are bugs. Through the four seasons, we bloom, to greens, and the falling leaves, till we wither in the winter. I believe that’s how we go through life.

We go through things, and things come and go. However, we are still a large tree, situated in a place that we call home, and no matter the good or the bad, we still survive. If we are chopped off, we survive. If the branches are cut off, we are still alive. If the flowers bloom and wither, we are still alive. Nothing stops us from being alive, as we are deeply rooted within ourselves.

How do you define yourself with your imaginations?