#NYC – the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

2016-08-14 05.58.38 1

Took an elective class in Positive Psychology this semester, and we took a VIA Characters Strength test. The results generate the rankings within 24 different strengths, in which we identify ourselves with the top 5 strengths – something you do naturally, something you’re good at, something you do that energizes you even etc.

Coming in 4th place was Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, and no wonder taking pictures, eating good food, visiting museums, and even a good cup of cafe latte would cheer me up. Something done so naturally, yet to be recognized in my everyday life. I do encourage everyone to take the VIA Characters Test and find out your top 5 strengths. It honestly helps with introspection, and improving oneself.

This post will be filled with my day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art aka The MET. The museum is huge, and filled with fascinating art exhibits. I personally really enjoyed it, and if you have Appreciation as your top 5 strengths, I’m sure you would too.

2016-09-24 02.07.07 1

Definitely an xoxo, Gossip Girl moment.

2016-09-24 02.07.27 1

2016-08-14 05.58.39 1

2016-08-14 05.58.40 1

2016-09-24 02.07.55 1

2016-09-24 02.08.29 1

2016-09-24 02.08.38 1

Pretty sure this was a seasonal exhibit from last summer.

2016-09-24 02.08.54 1

2016-09-24 02.09.08 1

2016-09-24 02.09.09 1

2016-09-24 02.09.30 1

2016-09-24 02.10.10 1

2016-09-24 02.10.11 1

2016-09-24 02.10.23 1

2016-09-24 02.07.38 1

2016-09-24 02.10.37 1

The museum was coming to a close at around 5pm, and there was a street dance performance right outside, catching everyone’s curious attention. Definitely a great way to get your audience!


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