Day 3.2: Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (大阪くらしの今昔館)

Catching you up, as we left for the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (大阪くらしの今昔館). It was actually a spot that I wanted to visit, because it seemed interesting, and I always enjoy museums.

2016-07-23 01.30.16 1

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (大阪くらしの今昔館)
Osaka Station (大阪駅) » Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station (天神橋筋六丁目駅)
Day 3.2
June 27, 2016

As we made our way to Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station (天神橋筋六丁目駅), we took a wrong turn and the buildings were pretty cute, so I snap a few before we started checking our maps for the right direction. Do not fred, because the building was right there, we just had to go in!

2016-07-23 01.28.19 1

2016-07-23 01.29.49 1

2016-07-23 01.29.50 1

2016-07-23 01.29.51 1

2016-07-23 01.29.03 1

Just to take note that the museum closes at 5pm, and last entry is at 4.30pm! Do take note when planning your schedules. There’s also student prices, so do bring an I.D Card for verification!

2016-07-23 01.32.01 1

2016-07-23 01.32.50 1

2016-07-23 01.33.16 2

An interesting point of the museum was that it actually stimulates day and night, as if you were actually revisiting the olden days of Osaka in a real life setting. There’s also a Kimono wearing experience, but you might have to book beforehand, or come earlier as it was ‘sold out’ when we got there.

2016-07-23 01.35.15 1

2016-07-23 01.35.32 1

After that area, we would enter a museum-like area, showing how Osaka was revolutionized in various different settings. ↓

2016-07-23 01.37.47 2

2016-07-23 01.37.45 1

2016-07-23 01.37.46 1

Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル)
Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station (天神橋筋六丁目駅) » Osaka Station (大阪駅)

As the night arrives, the weather sunk altogether and started raining. Explains our disappointment with our failed night skyline trip… However, we did try to wait for the rain to stop, while grabbing dinner at the Umeda Sky Building itself. But the weather wouldn’t change, and we also had to walk under the rain.

2016-07-23 01.37.47 1

2016-07-23 01.37.48 1

2016-07-23 01.37.49 2

2016-07-23 01.37.50 1

Staying positive… it was really cooling, so we were also thankful.

Day 4 coming right up, as we explored Shitennoji Temple (四天王寺)!


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