Day 3.1: HEP FIVE(ヘップファイブ)

What a beautiful day to start with, of such lovely blue skies of Summer in Japan!

2016-07-09 04.16.11 1

2016-07-23 01.24.44 1

HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel(ヘップファイブ)
Tsuruhashi Station (鶴橋駅) » Osaka Station (大阪駅)
Day 3.1
June 27, 2016

Started off our day with a feast at McDonalds, trying all the burgers exclusive to Japan. Good lunch!

2016-07-09 04.16.13 1

And we search for what could be included in the area the night before, and came to a conclusion that we shall be enjoying the afternoon skyline on the HEP FIVE (ヘップファイブ)  Ferris Wheel, and go for the Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル) at night. During the time between these two plans of sightseeing from above, we also visited the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (大阪くらしの今昔館).

2016-07-09 04.16.12 1

2016-07-09 04.16.13 2

2016-07-23 01.27.51 1

2016-07-09 04.16.14 1

2016-07-09 04.16.15 2

2016-07-09 04.16.15 1

2016-07-09 04.16.16 1

I had to say it was disappointing, or it could be the fact that we expected too much from the excitement of being in a ferris wheel. Maybe the night skyline would be better! Or the HEP FIVE is beautiful itself just by looking at it.

Well, the day gets more disappointing at the Umeda Sky Building…

Catch you up in the next post!


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