Osaka: Day 1

2016-07-08 03.40.29 1

A short background story: My family came over to Seoul, Korea right after my finals ended, which completely put me off my initial plans. It’s been awhile since we had a family vacation to places we do not visit often, so it was a lovely two weeks that we had spent our time together. Besides, I miss them all the time.

Well, they arrived on the 24th, on an overnight flight, which was really tiring and overwhelming. We were hanging out in my tiny little apartment, not knowing what to do. Furthermore, my family did came over unplanned. Since the impulsiveness runs in the family, I suggested heading to Osaka, Japan, and that’s how we ended up flying over the following day.

Seoul ICN » Osaka KIX
Day 1
June 25, 2016

Got the basics done after our arrival: Food + Wifi before we set off on our adventure of getting lost in this beautiful city.

2016-07-08 03.40.30 1

I remembered clearly how I started panicking in the midst of working with my brother, and leading our parents from the airport to the place we will be staying for the following days. We were running around, non-stop, trying to figure our route.

2016-07-08 03.40.32 1

We were lost, several times. Just as we thought that it will get easier after we reach Namba Station, (one of the central stations that the airport rail way leads to), we were lost, again. Ah, isn’t this just perks of visiting a new country you’ve never been to? The whole family excluding my mum, have not been to Japan before. Furthermore, the last time my Mum was in Japan was 20 years ago? Hahahahahahahaha

The anxiety, and the adrenaline through the unexpected is my favorite part of travelling. I solely prefer travelling alone, because its so much easier, and it gives you a lot of freedom. However, this family vacation has once again taught me what it is to lead, give, and take from every member.

2016-07-08 03.40.32 2

2016-07-08 03.40.33 1

2016-07-08 03.40.33 2

My family were still confused at some point, if they were still in Seoul in just one night (due to the overnight flight), or have they really make their way to Osaka in another night? (Since there was not much travelling throughout the first day they were in Seoul)

2016-07-08 03.48.17 1

Through good times and bad times. Stay tuned!


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