Macau: Day 5+6

2016-01-25 06.39.56 2

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sorry, I was late in posting this. I spent my Lunar New Year in the countryside of Malaysia, where my mum’s hometown is located, which also means no internet. It is actually a yearly tradition that my family has, and something I have always appreciated throughout my whole life. Here we go!

Day 5+6 in Macau
January 22 – 23, 2016

So the next few days of my trip was spent with my paternal Aunt and Uncle, who took us to Macau! (via a boat ride, which got me super dizzy)

Checked into Sheraton, which is probably me and my brother’s first time in an upscale hotel, and explored around later. Still, the weather was cloudy and wet. It was just a bad week hahahahahahaha.

This is The Venetian: Venice-themed luxury resort and casino. It was always a dream that I want to visit Venice, Italy one day but a Venice-themed glimpse of it still made me really happy.

2016-01-25 06.39.56 1

2016-01-25 06.39.57 1

2016-01-27 11.58.20 1

2016-01-27 11.58.22 1

2016-01-27 12.02.38 1

2016-01-27 11.58.23 1

Forgot to mention that the first thing after we settled in our hotel was getting the famous Portuguese Egg Tarts. Off we go to Taipa Village for some Portuguese food!

2016-01-27 12.02.40 1

January 23, 2016

Woke up early the next day and had breakfast! Then we move on to Ruins of Saint Paul, that connects to the Macau Peninsula area.

2016-01-30 02.34.17 2

2016-02-13 05.44.13 1

2016-02-13 05.44.14 1

The interior of the St. Lazarus Church that we visited while we were on toilet break.

2016-02-13 05.44.16 2

And we also researched last night which tourist attraction will we be interested in and settled on The Grand Prix Museum located nearby.

2016-02-13 05.44.11 1

2016-02-13 05.44.16 1

2016-02-13 05.44.18 1

2016-02-13 05.44.17 1

Finally, we ended off with a visit to the MGM Hotel to check out the architecture.

2016-02-13 05.44.19 1


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