Film Project #3 / Canon QL17 / Fuji Superia 400

Hi friends!

Remember Canon QL17, purchased from Nagoya? My first film roll may have failed, but I ultimately finished my second roll of Fuji Superia 400, and got it developed. To be honest, the pictures were pretty disappointing (not as I expected it to look like). Considering it as a first time failure, I shall continue trying to master taking good film pictures.




↑ Nana-chan’s hair looking perfect 24/7







These are the remaining bits of film from my Nagoya/Tokyo trip this summer. (July 2018) Aaaaaand I’m back to Korea.


↑ This might be one of the best picture from this roll!


F1210022 F1210015

And my lovely friend, Hyerin ♥


F1210012 F1210011

F1210010 F1210008


↑ This picture was not what I’ve expected, and I’m so upset. Not what I pictured it to be… Wished it was a moment I could have aced it in film!

↓ Also, needed a trip somewhere, so I woke up early one day and went to IKEA for some meatballs, and aesthetically pleasing interior.



Aaaaaaand I also made a huge decision to return home aka Singapore. It wasn’t an easy one, but I knew I had to. That was where my heart led me. It’s been two weeks home now, so I’m still coping with the transition. I’m going to give myself more time. (And actually one of the week was spent in Japan (yes, I visited Japan AGAIN) So fret not, as more developed film rolls to be uploaded.)



See you next post!


#everydayepisodes Nagoya & Tokyo

Hi friends!
What’s good?

I left my internship on the last day of June, and that gave me an opportunity to ~finally~ take a trip. It was one of the most satisfying getaway in awhile.

To think about it, I’ve been in Japan for three continuous summer now. Can I keep up with the streak?

I also bought a secondhand Canon QL17 in Nagoya and had a blast sticking back to basics. I guess I’m too young for the camera because I screwed up. I overecxposed leaked light into the roll by accident, and now all my pictures are goneㅠㅠ I’m devastated!

No worries, since I actually have a film camera that I will be carrying it everywhere from now on, I will try to practice and take more pictures. There’s something about a film camera where you can’t ‘reflect’ or ‘review’ what you’ve taken until you bring it to the store. I like the process of anticipating your pictures.

Anyway, only the vlog for this trip, and some pictures on my Instagram. I relied too much on the film;; Should have known that I was bound to screw up for the first time. Hope everyone enjoys the video, I haven’t done a vlog for a long time either. Teehee!

Jul 4~11, 2018
Nagoya & Tokyo, Japan

#NYC – Coney Island, Brooklyn

2016-08-14 05.46.53 1

If you think I’ve ended my endless throwback of NYC, you’re wrong.

2016-10-01 07.34.34 1

Actually, I thought I’ve finished uploading what I had until I began organising my storage in my computer and hard drive. I was wrong.

2016-10-01 07.34.35 2

2016-10-01 07.34.35 1

It was a pretty long subway ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn, but it was lovely. There was a total vibe change crossing the bridge between the two sides. Sitting there felt like a plane ride.

2016-10-01 07.34.33 1

2016-10-01 07.34.36 2

2016-10-01 07.34.32 1

2016-10-01 07.34.36 1

2016-10-01 07.34.31 1

2016-10-01 07.34.37 1

2016-10-01 07.34.38 1 2016-10-01 07.34.38 2

It was a day that felt cloudy, but the skies were blue.

2016-10-01 07.34.39 1

2016-10-01 07.34.40 1

2016-10-01 07.34.40 2

And people were happy.

2016-10-08 04.10.33 1

I was happy. And I also extend my stay thereafter.
Just a few days more, I told myself. I like it here, so much.
And I could still feel that exact feeling today.

Film Project #2 / Kodak FunSaver

Cheers to another Sunday!

Weather in Seoul today is late Spring: chilly and drizzling. Yesterday was a pleasure as the sun was out and shining. Tropical me still misses the heat, especially when I’ve stayed through the whole Winter, and the blues were getting to me.

My second film project started off with a walk around my old neighborhood one day, where I coincidentally skipped school and thought I would stay in. The snow got me out of the house with my disposable film in hand, and here I am, able to share nature’s beauty.











Next, I was on a day trip to Busan on the first weekend of the year with Liyana!



And time passed so fast, it was already my Graduation Ceremony in February.



Dad is looking adorable.


And my Brother who stole my certificate.




I’m not sure what content I can come up with next, but I’m trying to brainstorm for more projects I can commit to. Not going to lie, I’ve been struggling in my daily grind without anything creative.

We shall see.
Life will work out.
Just keep going.

하면 된다.

Film Project #1 / Fujifilm Quicksnap

Happy Sunday!

I set myself up for two creative projects last Fall/Winter, so I went ahead to get two disposable cameras. I think film allows you to capture the moment much better than a digital, because you know there’s ‘no going back.’ I also felt like I’ve lived my moments in all these pictures.

This is definitely one of my favorite ↑


A backstory was one of my friend, Anh wanted to fly a kite for the first time and it was more challenging than expected. Everyone around us were flying kites successfully as the winds casted them away into the clouds, while we struggle with taking flight.

p/s. We still made it in the end!


I also made it to Fashion Week S/S 2018. Not the best idea to have a disposable film camera, since nothing could be captured. But the fashion buzz were a pleasure.


The only successful shot to my Chuseok adventures at Alice: Into the Rabbit Hole.


Trying my first shot on my birthday, exploring Seoul 7017.


Snippets of my college life.


Taking Literature courses in my last semester was an eye-opener. Never have I felt more motivated to get to class everyday at 9am.



Fall was a blast.



Just another visit to my hideout.


Streets near my last apartment.


I’ve been feeling empty lately. How are you feeling?

#everydayepisodes HK & MACAU

If you’re into Astrology, you would know that we are in the Mercury Retrograde season, and I’m actually enjoying the “slower-speed” together with the throwback of the past. I’ve been going back to my past hobbies that I’ve placed aside due to college. Now that I’ve graduated and working, responsibilities starts to kick in and everyday seems like a toll, while the weekends goes by like the wind.

There was an article somewhere about the benefits of baking for people, in which it reflects the practice of mindfulness. No wonder why I’ve always baked for people while I was back home, with all my equipments at hand. I did not enjoyed eating what I’ve baked, but I was thriving in the process of it.

And I’m guessing photo or video editing is one of my replacement past time to baking. Let me just select specific songs, put some clips and adjust the colors to the vibes that I enjoy, etc. The end products makes me feel good, while I upload it online, but the process of perfecting it to my standard is satisfying.

Well, I dug up my Hong Kong & Macau videos from two years ago, and finally created my vlog that I failed to deliver then.

Not the best, but I’ve definitely enjoyed the process!

Jan 16~25, 2016
Winter in HK & MACAU

#NYC – Chinatown & Little Italy

It’s been awhile. I’m back to blogging. Or at least I want to continue what I’ve never finished. Can’t believe NYC was another memory that is close to two years now. I have to say, it’s a place that is close to my heart. It never left and it keeps coming back from time to time.

Throughout the year, I’ve been trying seeking all kinds of opportunities just to get me back to this city, but failed simultaneously. Of it all, my finances was a toll. I had to put down my greed, and aim for stability. (At least as a fresh graduate, I had responsibilities)

Who knows? Maybe down the road, something might bring me. I believe if I’m meant to be, I will. In the meantime, I think I’m settling for where I am right now. Despite the hardships and having a job that I don’t have my heart for, but learning is a process, and that’s what keeps me going.

Living the Korean life for 4 years and going now. It’s already my 5th Spring.

I think it’s also an appropriate time to share my pictures from Chinatown (and snippets of Little Italy right beside), since I’m craving for all the Chinese food (!!)

2016-09-26 08.13.29 2

NYC Chinatown is wonderful. A life of its own, buzzing with activity. Highly recommended by my Professor, I had to check it out myself, which I instantly fell in love.

It reminded me a lot about home.

2016-09-26 08.13.30 1

2016-09-26 08.13.31 1

2016-09-26 08.13.32 1

2016-09-26 08.13.32 2

2016-09-26 08.13.33 1

2016-09-26 08.13.29 1

2016-09-26 08.13.28 1

2016-09-26 08.13.27 1

2016-09-26 08.13.26 2

2016-09-26 08.13.26 1

2016-09-26 08.13.25 1

2016-09-26 08.13.24 2

2016-09-26 08.13.24 1

2016-09-26 08.13.23 1

2016-09-26 08.13.22 1

2016-09-26 08.13.21 2

2016-09-26 08.13.21 1

2016-09-26 08.13.20 1

2016-09-26 08.13.18 2

Right beside Chinatown was Little Italy, separated by a street and different exterior. I didn’t venture too much into it due to time constraints, hopefully next time!

2016-09-26 08.13.19 1

2016-09-26 08.13.18 1

2016-09-26 08.13.17 1

2016-09-26 08.13.16 2

2016-09-26 08.13.16 1

2016-09-26 08.13.15 1

2016-09-26 08.13.13 1

2016-09-26 08.13.14 1

2016-09-26 08.13.13 2

2016-09-26 08.13.12 1

When will I be back?